Oat Fiber vs. Oat Bran: What’s the Difference?

Oat Fiber vs. Oat Bran: What’s the Difference?

December 2, 2019

Derived from the same grain, both oat fiber and oat bran are ingredients used to alter the texture and increase the Total Dietary Fiber (TDF) content of food products. However, their molecular composition and practical features differ significantly, making them ideal for different applications.

On The Surface

Oat fiber is the result of processing an oat’s hull—that is, the outermost, indigestible seed-covering in which the groat is enclosed. In contrast, oat bran is derived from the outermost, edible covering of the groat itself.

Oat Fiber

Light in color and mild in flavor, oat fiber is comprised of primarily insoluble fiber, making it an ideal calorie controller and supporter of gastro-intestinal health (particularly, bulking). Oat fiber can extend the shelf-life of food products due to its water absorption properties and has a variety of texturizing functions applicable to baked goods, meats, and beverages.

Oat fiber is versatile in that it can increase the crumbling texture of pastries while thickening batters and marinades. It can also be used to preserve the crispy or crunchy quality of foods while reducing friability and breakage – creating the perfect tortilla chips or crackers. Still another impressive attribute of this multi-talented ingredient is its ability to increase water absorption while also moderating the rate of water retention, regulating the moisture of the food item and, in some instances, functioning as an anti-caking agent.

Oat Bran

Oat bran, medium brown and rich in flavor, is comprised of mainly soluble fiber, making it an effective anticholesteremic. This oat product is also very useful for altering texture in a variety of ways. Available in different particle sizes, oat bran can be used to improve texture and absorption, increasing crumb moistness for soft, chewy pastries. In a medium particle size, oat bran can also serve as a fitting topping for baked goods.

Clean Label Dietary Fiber

Pure and chemical-free, Grain Millers oat bran and oat fiber ingredients are extremely beneficial in increasing dietary fiber content and achieving the optimal texture in your food products.

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