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Improving Soil Health using Regenerative Ag Practices

August 22, 2021

Regenerative agriculture may sound like a fancy new term-but it’s simply quantifying what many farmers have been doing for years. If you’ve read our page on Regenerative Ag and how it is more than just sustainability, then you know that growers in partnership with Grain Millers have embraced Regen Ag and have already begun to […]

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Grain Millers’ 35th Anniversary: Timeline of a Legacy

March 12, 2021

Since the purchase of Grain Millers’ first ever location in Eugene, OR in 1986, we have grown not only in terms of square, production, markets, and technical advancements, but even more so, in skill and expertise. Our employees across North America personify Grain Millers – whether they’ve been with us for fifteen, thirty, or three years, they […]

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Organic Rolled Oats – Classic, “Old-fashioned,” and Delicious

November 30, 2020

Explore the art of making organic rolled oats at Grain Millers. When you picture a traditional bowl of oatmeal, you’re probably picturing rolled, “old-fashioned” oats. Their recognizable shape and delicious toasted taste makes for a classic bowl that you can dress up–or dress down–however you like. Ever wondered how Grain Millers processes rolled oats, or […]

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The Art of Milling at Grain Millers’ Specialized Facilities

September 18, 2020

For us, milling is more than a process–it’s an art. Let us take you on the journey. Procurement We buy directly from the farmers whenever possible. Before the oats even make it to our facility, we have already invested in helping our farmers grow the best possible crop. Our procurement strategy provides a dependable market […]

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Multi-Grain Custom Blends

August 17, 2020

Imagine your oat-based product has the taste, but the consistency needs adjustment. Are you looking to liven up your multi-grain bread, cereal, snacks and bars or create a new recipe from scratch? Discovering the just right multi-grain blend is no easy feat. At Grain Millers, we’ve simplified the process. …Grain Millers offers a wide selection […]

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