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Top 3 Food & Beverage Trends for 2019

March 13, 2019

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the food and beverage industry! At the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim last week, we couldn’t help but notice all of the innovative oat-based products. There are BIG waves being made using the power of oats and other plant-based ingredients. Food companies are taking […]

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These 6 Oat Flours Are Revolutionizing Beverage Formulation

February 11, 2019

Throughout our 30+ years in the oat business, we’ve seen food developers have huge success using oats to meet a wide range of needs. This success has continued with the rise in popularity of using oats in plant-based beverages. You may have seen oat-based beverages starting to pop up next to the soy and almond-based […]

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Stepped-Up Oatmeal Recipes

October 29, 2018

Happy National Oatmeal Day! Every day is a good day to enjoy one of the most nutritious breakfast foods: Oatmeal. But today is especially appropriate since it’s National Oatmeal Day in the United States. And since the Canadian Prairies include some of the most fertile oat acreage on the planet, and since our largest oat operation is […]

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New FDA Ruling Allows Oat Fiber for Dietary Fiber Label Claims

June 20, 2018

A new FDA ruling issued last Thursday confirms oat fiber on the list of ingredients now recognized as a “dietary fiber” (under 21 CFR 101.9(c)(6)(i)) within the “mixed plant cell wall fibers” category. Therefore, oat fiber from Grain Millers now qualifies as an official dietary fiber for Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labels. This allows […]

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