We make sure goodness extends up and down our supply chain. From the moment crops leave the farm, every grain goes through a secure process from milling to packaging to you. We’re continually reinvesting in our facilities to ensure the latest cleaning, sorting, and detection technologies are in place to provide you with the purest grains possible.

Our goal here is simple: to guarantee food safety, quality control, and freshness, down to the last grain. With Grain Millers as your single source for grain and dry ingredients, you can take advantage of reduced costs and volume discounts that our blending and packaging facilities are able to acquire.

If you have a need that isn’t specifically addressed here, we will work with you to find a solution. If Grain Millers can’t meet all of your requirements from start to finish, we’re likely connected with someone who can work with us to supply our quality ingredients in the form you need.


Looking to satisfy consumers’ growing taste for food that aligns with their values and dietary needs? Our mills hold a variety of certifications, allowing you to source an abundance of pure and healthy products. We’ve even created a few proprietary systems to ensure that we can meet your precise requirements.

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Let us eliminate a step in the process. Instead of purchasing ingredients from Grain Millers and blending them at your facility, we can blend and deliver them wherever you need them. We’ll even work with you to formulate a unique blend that delivers the product quality your customers expect.

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You have standards. We can help you meet them with precision. Our food scientists will work with you to develop the just-right and economically feasible formula that performs on par with your brand. We also specialize in natural and organic solutions to help clean your label and keep your customers happy.

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Grain Millers can take you from the field to the supermarket. Almost all of our packaged products can be packaged directly into your own custom bag or label that includes an inventory code, logo, or marketing name. Our canister, pouch, and retail box lines provide many customizable options.

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