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Explore the art of making organic rolled oats at Grain Millers.

When you picture a traditional bowl of oatmeal, you’re probably picturing rolled, “old-fashioned” oats. Their recognizable shape and delicious toasted taste makes for a classic bowl that you can dress up–or dress down–however you like. Ever wondered how Grain Millers processes rolled oats, or how many different varieties there are? We’ll walk you through it.

A pile of organic rolled oats from a birds-eye view.
Rolled oats provide a rich oat flavor to a variety of common products like granola bars, cookies, muffins, cereals, and beverages because they can provide flavor, texture, and nutrition.

After oats are dehulled (the process that separates the oat’s husk from its groat) they’re cleaned and kilned. Then, whole grain groats begin their own journey towards perfection. They’re steamed and then rolled through a flaker to impart their quintessential flat shape and wholesome flavor. The flaking process can produce a variety of oat products, from quick-cooking rolled oats to thick rolled oats, depending on how our highly-skilled operators set up the flaker.

A great source of soluble fiber due to the presence of beta glucans, all of our varieties of rolled oats are a heart-healthy choice when it comes to getting your whole grains.

Before flaking, our quick rolled oats are made cut from whole oat groats (aka steel cut oats). Those cut groats are then rolled slightly thinner than their regular rolled counterparts. These smaller, thinner flakes absorb water much faster and cook in as little as two minutes. If you’re looking for oatmeal that will be ready even faster, try our instant rolled oats, which are made from our smallest pieces of steel cut and rolled very thin. This results in the quickest cooking time in the rolled oat family (just add hot water or milk!). Seeking a denser bite? We also offer an industry-first quick-cooking steel cut that creates a texture-rich and nutrient-dense oat product that’s perfect for breads, energy bars, granola, and hot cereal.

A great source of soluble fiber due to the presence of beta glucans, all of our varieties of rolled oats are a heart-healthy choice when it comes to getting your whole grains. Not only are they delicious at breakfast time (or dinner–be honest, we’ve all been there), they’re also an incredibly versatile cooking and baking ingredient. Our baby rolled oats are the perfect nutritional addition to baked goods, and make a beautiful topping to sweet treats. They’re also ideal for instant oatmeal due to their high-absorption rate. Our signature oat crush, made from shredded oat flakes, adds texture and acts as a thickening agent in cooking or baking due to its flour-like consistency.

A pile of organic baby rolled oats from a birds-eye view.
Baby rolled oats are often used to add nutrition to baked goods.

Regular rolled oats, the essential “old-fashioned” oats, are most widely known for making a delicious bowl of breakfast cereal. Old-fashioned oats cook faster than most steel-cut oats, making them an excellent option for quick-cooking oat products.

Their rich flavor and unique texture also makes them perfect for granola bars, cookies, muffins, flatbreads, cereals, and beverages. They also perform wonderfully in savory recipes, such as the base for a veggie burger patty. No matter how you’re using them, our rolled oats provide the flavor and nutrition you can expect from Grain Millers.

As always, Grain Millers prides itself on delivering consistent, quality oat products that meet customer specifications every time. Whether you’re getting quick cooking, regular, thick, or baby rolled oats, Grain Millers’ organic rolled oats are always flavorful, aromatic, and perfectly toasted.

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