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Consumers’ interest in what is in their food continues to soar. Perhaps even more, they want to know what’s NOT in their food. Maybe people simply want and deserve honest food. Food that is pure, healthy, responsibly sourced, and good for their family. Grain Millers is privileged to play a role in this cycle of honesty. Whether you’re looking for certified organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO products, we want to help you create something we can all be proud of. Each of our mills holds multiple certifications—find the one nearest you offering the certification you’re looking for.

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Certified Organic

Markets for certified organic goods have increased steadily in the past several years, and Grain Millers helped pioneer that effort. Almost 100% or our organic grain is purchased directly from the farmer. These are farmers we’ve gotten to know well over the years. So when you purchase Grain Millers organically certified products, you can be confident they haven’t been treated with chemicals, pesticides, or unnatural additives.

All of our organic products are sourced from organically certified farms that grow non-genetically modified crops without the use of pesticides. That’s not easy to do. But our organic farmers are dedicated to producing healthy food in the healthiest of ways. We can all benefit from that.

Certified Gluten Free

Although oats are naturally gluten free, they can come into contact with wheat, barley, and rye as the supply moves from the fields to the mills. That’s the reality and it didn’t sit well with us.

So we created a proprietary process to produce the most pure oat products possible. Our goal wasn’t only to meet the FDA’s strict gluten limits—it was to see just how darn clean we could get our oats. Turns out, it’s really, really clean. The government requires a standard of 20 ppm. Grain Millers got it down to 10 ppm, often even lower.

We’ve since introduced our pioneering gluten-free process in two locations within just 12 months. Turns out we’re nimble, too.

Certified Non-GMO

All of Grain Millers’ products are Non-GMO. But in the market today, there are several crops, such as corn and soybeans, which are often genetically modified. As a Non-GMO Project Verified miller, we have strict systems in place for supply chain traceability, segregation, and testing for GMOs in our products.

We have done our part in the supply chain to reduce GMO risk by ensuring that these products – and the facilities they are processed in – are Non-GMO Project Verified. You can be assured that our products undergo strict & unbiased product evaluations that must be renewed annually.

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Our grain processing includes oats, corn, wheat, rye, barley, triticale, flaxseed, and more.

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