Formulation Assistance

Technical Expertise

Looking for a low-carb tortilla formula, an organic brownie mix, or a specific texture, absorption, flavor, or appearance profile? With more than twenty years in the food ingredient and baking industries, Grain Millers food scientists can help you formulate a variety of innovative and sought-after products.

Our customers tell us they’re willing to try things with Grain Millers that they wouldn’t with anyone else because we’re known as problem solvers. It’s true, we do love a good challenge, and we’re willing to put in the time to get you exactly what you want.

Flaked Products

We can adjust flake thickness, water absorption, granulation, and bulk density to meet your product’s specific requirements. It’s important to remember that incoming grain can vary from season to season. Early on, we can help you determine high-priority items on your specification, so you can continue to maintain the product consistency your customers have come to expect.

Flour Products

Granulation is the primary variable in specialty flours, as different granulations allow for different mouth feel, absorbance, and dough strength. We can also adjust the level of dietary fiber and gluten content by increasing or decreasing the amount of bran extracted from the flour.

Bran Products

Granulation can be adjusted within bran products along with the amount of flour retained with the bran. Brans can also be mixed with other products to create a single ingredient that performs a specific function.

All the ingredients you need to make good


Cleaner Labels

We have long been committed to green technologies. Grain Millers can source natural ingredient alternatives at reasonable prices that achieve the same functionality as chemical solutions. For example, we produce natural dough improvers and mold inhibitors, enzyme solutions designed to replace chemicals in common bread and bakery mixes. Consumers are demanding cleaner labels, and we can help you deliver them.

Going Organic

Markets for certified organic goods have increased steadily in the past several years, and Grain Millers helped pioneer that effort. Most conventional ingredients can be replaced with equivalent organic ingredients that provide similar functionality. Our experience developing organic products allows us to combine our organic grains and oat fiber with organic ingredients from other trusted suppliers.

Man making adjustments on milling equipment wearing safety gear in the Grain Millers factory.