Crop Sciences

Grain Millers proudly sources much of the grain we mill directly from the farm. In an effort to help growers meet the needs of a food-grade product, Grain Millers introduced a Crop Sciences team in 2012. It is important to Grain Millers, our customers, and our growers to be able to produce the best crop and the highest quality ingredient. This group is dedicated to helping farmers produce a crop of the greatest quality and yield. In addition to recommendations on seed varieties and hybrids, the crop sciences team provides the latest information on best practices for both conventional and organic crop production, grain storage, and grain handling in North America.

The Grain Millers Crop Sciences team is here as a resource for growers, providing technical expertise for food-grade grain ingredient production.


Craig Tomera

Identity Preserved Crop Specialist
Food-Grade Corn, Soybeans, Flax, Lentils

Eric DeBlieck

Director of Crop Sciences
Food-Grade Corn & Oats

Olivia Kennedy

Crop Specialist
Food-Grade Oats
306-786-5657 x552

Christian Reveland

Crop Specialist
Food-Grade Corn & Oats