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6 Ways Baked Goods & Snacks Can Benefit From Oat Fiber

August 30, 2019

Consumers continually rank fiber as a key nutritional need. In fact, 51% want more dietary fiber in their diets.

Fiber has proven to be making a comeback for benefits beyond heart health and lowering cholesterol (FDA continues to list dietary fiber as one of the top three “nutrients to get more of,” because “diets higher in dietary fiber can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.”1) The latest research is showing that fiber is also a key component to a healthy gut microbiome. And a healthy gut microbiome is key to overall health.

We all know by now that adding fiber in baked goods, whether oat fiber or otherwise, will increase the Total Dietary Fiber (TDF) content.  But did you know that Grain Millers Oat Fiber will do so much more?

Whether you are formulating for breads, sweet goods, cookies, bars, chips, ready-to-eat cereals, or crackers, you may be surprised at how oat fiber can help you reach your goals.


Grain Millers pioneered a milling-based, chemical-free oat fiber manufacturing process, which ensures product developers can create products with a true source of clean-label dietary fiber.

Unlike other brands of oat fiber and sources of dietary fiber, nothing is added and nothing is taken away in the Grain Millers process – we never use caustic acids or chemicals which can strip lignin and other nutrients from the oat hull.

As the clean label initiative grows, developers can have confidence that Grain Millers oat fiber meets their clean label guidelines for wholesome ingredients. Oat fiber from Grain Millers can be simply labeled as Oat Fiber. It is non-GMO and available gluten-free, organically certified, or conventional.


Grain Millers oat fiber is very high in total dietary fiber (more than double that of wheat bran), making it easier than ever to reach a “good” or “excellent” source of dietary fiber claim.


Grain Millers oat fiber is plentiful and low in cost compared to Inulin, pea, chicory, even other oat fiber, as well as other sources of dietary fiber. Oat fiber may also be able to replace or partially replace the functionality of other ingredients in a formulation, such as gums, anti-caking agents, fat replacers, or emulsifiers. This means developers can use oat fiber to lower formula costs.


The dietary fiber content of Grain Millers oat fiber contributes zero calories and has significantly fewer calories per gram than most other bakery ingredients, meaning that formulating with oat fiber will help lower calories in your finished products. The calorie content of oat fiber is 24kcal per 100g, which is very low compared to other main baking ingredients such as wheat flour and wheat bran which are 350 and 216, respectively. Oat fiber also increases water absorption which further helps to reduce calories.


Since Grain Millers’ oat fiber has high water absorption, it can potentially delay staling and extend shelf life. Oat fiber can also help improve eating qualities such as texture and mouthfeel in the finished product. 


In June 2018 the FDA updated the fiber regulations, giving product developers the official approval to use oat fiber as dietary fiber in baked goods. This is great news for the baking industry since oat fiber is one of the top dietary fibers used in baked goods.

Oat fiber has been and will continue to be a key ingredient in baked goods. Grain Millers’ oat fiber is not only high in total dietary fiber, but has the added benefits of being minimally processed, clean label, and low calorie with multiple functional benefits which can assist bakery product developers and bakery consumer product companies to provide healthy bakery goods to consumers. Along with protein, fiber is one of the key nutrients that consumers seek out for a healthy diet.

In future posts, we’ll dive into how oat fiber assists developers with applications beyond bakery.

If you would like to request a sample or discuss the various oat fibers Grain Millers offers and how they might help your formulations, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. We specialize in partnering with food and beverage developers to create unique, innovative ingredients that help you succeed.

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