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Grain Millers pioneered a process to manufacture the industry’s first line of chemical-free oat fiber. This ever-expanding line will enhance your dietary fiber claims and meet FDA dietary fiber regulations while providing the cleanest of labels. Our 30-plus years of milling experience and our passion for experimentation will help you reach your product goals. Having a role in putting healthy food on the table is important to us.

Learn how Oat Fiber can help meet your functional goals.

Oat fiber is now confirmed as dietary fiber by the FDA. Learn more

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What is your preferred method of contact?

Purchasing our products from distributors is a good solution when you are not able to meet our 10,000 lb. minimums.

You can order smaller quantities, improving turns and reducing cash flow.

You receive the product sooner, distributors are in your area that carry our products. You could possibly have your oats that same day or weeks sooner than buying direct.

If purchased outside the US and Canada, you are purchasing stock in the same currency. Distributors will be purchasing stock in different currencies which can often have major implications if there are any big fluctuations in foreign exchange.

You pay less in shipping costs. Shipping in bulk is less expensive compared to individual bags in quantities less than our minimums. A distributor will pass this cost savings to you through a lower delivered than buying direct.

What is your preferred method of contact?


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