People Who Make a Difference

The legacy of milling runs deep within the roots of our founders, Rolf Abdon and Christian F. Kongsore. Rolf’s relatives still operate mills in Sweden today and Christian’s family goes back two generations in Norwegian milling history. When current president Steve Eilertson's company, Agri-Trading, became part of the Grain Millers family in 1989, our future was further secured through the procurement expertise that he and his partners, Jay Brandau and Kent Harder, brought to our company.

Not surprisingly, multiple members of all families call Grain Millers home today. This fact sets the foundation for Grain Millers as a "people" company at every location because that’s how it is at the top. Families matter, employees matter, growers matter, customers matter. Because at the end of the day, we’re all hardworking people who are passionate about doing the right thing. People making a difference, that’s what we’re about.

Grain Millers First Building

Recognized a Burgeoning Trend

  • In response to the rising popularity of oat bran as a healthy food choice, we purchased our first oat mill in 1986 in Eugene, Oregon.
St Ansgar Iowa Mill

Expanded Our Reach

  • Grain Millers purchased a mill in St. Ansgar, Iowa in 1988, knowing that a Midwest presence would allow us to hit east coast markets at a competitive price. The largest employer in town, this mill is now known as the largest, cleanest, and most technically advanced oat mill in all of North America.
Historic Yorkton Mill

Invested in the Middle of Oat Country

  • We purchased a mill in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in 2000. Because it’s an origin mill, grain comes straight from the farm to the mill via truck, limiting farmer risk and better protecting their interests.
Grain Millers Facilities

Created a Breakthrough in Organic Oat Fiber

  • Grain Millers developed a proprietary mechanical process in 2001 to produce the first-ever organic oat fiber without using chemical treatment.
Marion Historic Mill

Further Diversified With Corn Milling Acquisition

  • We purchased a corn facility in Marion, Indiana in 2010 to expand our offerings.

Pioneered a Process for the Purest Gluten-Free Oats

To eliminate impurities from the oat system, we created a proprietary process in 2014 that exceeds the FDA regulations for gluten-free oats. Once developed, we established two gluten-free oat facilities within just 18 months.


Direct Delivery Point for Our Northernmost Farmers

Grain Millers purchased a grain elevator in Canada in 2016 to provide rail transportation to our mill, once again bringing us closer to our farmers.