Wholesome, Healthful Ingredients

At Grain Millers, Inc. we sell ingredients we're proud of: the kind we're serving our kids. Our selection of products is brought together by this common theme of quality, from our whole grain flours to our organic honey to our unique chemical-free oat fiber.



Superior Selection

Certified Organic

Most of our products can be purchased in both organic and conventional versions. When purchasing Grain Millers, Inc. organically certified products you know that the product hasn't been treated with chemicals, pesticides, or un-natural additives. All organic products are sourced from organically certified farms, which grow only non-genetically modified crops without the use of pesticides.

A Note About Order Minimums

As a wholesale supplier, our sales to the general public are limited. Minimum quantities vary from a full pallet to a full truckload depending on the product. Ask us about minimums and pricing for the ingredients you need. If we can't supply you, we will be able to find a nearby distributor.

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