Grain Millers, Inc. is North America's premier Oat Milling Company with a global presence. For more than 20 years Grain Millers, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of whole grain ingredients used in cereals, breads, bars and many other products served around the world. Many of the world's largest food companies have come to rely on Grain Millers, Inc. oat processing expertise.

Grain Millers, Inc. offers competitive wages with a bonus structure, a full line of employee benefits (to include but not limited to, Medical/Dental, Disability, Life, FSA, 401(k) with match) and a business casual working environment.

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Eden Prairie, Minnesota
St. Ansgar, Iowa

Warehouse Utility

St. Ansgar, Iowa - posted Monday, June 01, 2015

Grain Millers, Inc. is looking for motivate employees to work in our packaging area. These position are 12 hour night positions filling super sacks of finished product and loading bulk trailers. Forklift experience is ideal!

Responsibilities and regular job duties:
- Operation of tote filling systems to process orders according to customer specifications.
- Operate fork lift in tight areas.
- Operator stretch wrapper
- Operation of the inventory system to label toted product with lot #, weights and product ID
- Communicate with the roller operator for daily production schedules.
- Load pneumatic trailers with flaked product.
- Move and organize palleted product to the warehouse.
- Assist the bag operator in warehousing product.
- Assist with Re-stacking 50 lb. bags, stretch wrapping, and labeling bags prior to storage.
- Record SPC data, and follow sterile sample procedures.
- Complete QA checks and paperwork
- Assist the Bran/Flour Helper when necessary to meet customer demands.
- Cleaning and assisting in all Mills are regular tasks.
- Maintaining a clean work environment. This includes above tote station mezzanine.

Essential Qualifications:
- High School Diploma or equivalent.
- Fork truck experience/knowledge is required to move pallets.
- Good organization skills are required to store and inventory finished goods and packaging supplies.
- Teamwork and communication skills needed to communicate effectively with Operators and Warehouse Coordinators.
- Basic computer skills.

Physical Demands:
The physical requirements of the position include, but are not limited to;
- Ability to lift and place a pallet on the loading station. (45# 2 feet off ground)
- climbing a ladder about 12 feet
- stacking 50# bags
- twisting, turning and bending motions frequently
- Ability to get on and off the forklift frequently 8 to 12 times per hour.

This position is a great position to get to know Grain Millers. If interested, email your resume to or stop in to visit us and complete an application at 605 Grain Millers Drive in St. Ansgar, Iowa 50472

Warehouse Coordinator

St. Ansgar, Iowa - posted Monday, June 01, 2015

Grain Millers is looking for night 8 hour (2nd and 3rd shift)Warehouse Coordinators. This position is responsible for picking product from warehouse and loading product onto van trailers and boxcars
after inspecting all van trailers, bulk trucks and box cars to ensure they are appropriate to transport food grade product. They are to
assist in moving bulk trailers into loading position and assist in the loading process. This position will also organize packaged food
products in the warehouse. Maintain accurate and appropriate inventory records and documentation. Be able to operate and drive
forklift, be able to operate and drive yard tractor to move trailers for loading.

Responsibilities and regular duties include:
- Load product onto van trailers and box cars to minimize damage during transportation to customer.
- Complete appropriate documentation and record keeping for shipping and warehousing.
- Maintain first in/first out philosophy when preparing shipments.
- Obtain lab approval for product before shipping.
- Warehouse and organize food products packaged for trade and shipment.
- Coordination of shipping schedules with logistics on a daily basis.
- Inspection of van trailers, bulk trucks and boxcars to ensure food quality condition.
- Complete documentation of all trailer inspections.
- Maintenance of an accurate stock inventory of finished goods, ingredients, and packaging materials stored in warehouse.
- Proper inventory, handling, storage, and disposition of substandard hold product produced are required.
- Working with Quality Technicians for inspection and maintenance of warehouse inventories.
- Keeping dock areas inside, outside and under dock levelers cleaned per sanitation schedule and documented.
- Ability to safely operate forklift and complete all required training.
- Ability to operate yard tractor and move trailers into and out of docks, bulk loading area, across scale and into parking areas.
- Backup to FSB Inspector and handle Food Security Building operation during the night shift and on weekends.

Essential Qualifications
- High School Graduate or equivalent.
- Driving skills for semi-trailer operation to stage inbound and outbound trailers.
- Excellent organizational skills.
- Effective teamwork and communication skills with warehouse employees, logistics, lab, and production operations are
- Safe forklift operation skills

Physical Demands:
- Ability to move around the warehouse and between Food Security Building and warehouse on foot, forklift and yard truck.
- Ability to lift and stack 50 pound bags of product onto pallets
- Ability to climb stairs

Come join our Grain Millers team. If interested in this position please send your resume via email to or come visit us at 605 Grain Millers Drive in St. Ansgar, Iowa.

Bran/Flour Helper

St. Ansgar, Iowa - posted Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Operate the flour/bran tote filler and bulk loading systems. To organize and inventory warehoused goods after toting. Assist the Bran/Flour Operator as needed in production. To move pallets and load trucks with fork trucks, and to clean respective equipment and workstations of all the above mentioned areas.

Responsibilities and regular duties include:
- Operation of the tote filling systems to process orders according to customer specifications.
- Operation of the bulk loading systems according to customer specifications.
- Operate forklift to move product in the warehouse and onto trailers.
- Communicating with the Bran/Flour Mill Operators and assist with production as necessary. This could include assisting in quality checks, plug ups, and cleaning of areas.
- Operating the stretch wrapping device.
- Clean inside of railcars.
- Complete quality checks and paperwork as required. This includes, cleaning the magnets, checking metal detector
calibration, utilizing SPC control charts, and sampling product.
- Responsible for the operation of the bran/flour mill when the operator is absent.
- Complete paperwork while toting and loading pneumatic trailers/rail cars.

Essential Qualifications
- High School Diploma or equivalent.
- Forklift experience desired.
- Good organization and communication skills.
- Ability to operate computer systems and warehouse/inventory systems.
- Ability to work with others in a team environment.
- Ability to climb ladders at least 15 feet.
- Basic math skills.
- Ability to meet Physical Demands of position with our without reasonable accommodations.

Physical Demands:
- Ability to walk, climb stairs (5 flights) and climb ladders.
- Ability to sit, twist, squat, bend, push/pull and lift up to 50# without assistance.

Come join the Grain Millers team. Send your resume via email to or come fill out an application at 605 Grain Millers Drive in St. Ansgar, Iowa 50472

Bag Helper

St. Ansgar, Iowa - posted Wednesday, July 15, 2015

To assist in the operation of the computerized bagger, palletizer and stretch wrap systems. Work with the warehousing system, operate forklift and move pallets to warehouse with the appropriate documentation. Set up products in computer; program printers and ink jet systems with correct codes and lot numbers; perform all documentation required; complete quality checks; clean work area and equipment daily; communicate with co-workers. Follow all required safety and GMP rules.
This position is a 12 hour night 4 on / 4 off from 6 pm to 6:30 am.

Responsibilities and regular duties include:

-Ability to operate the computerized bagger, palletizer, stretch wrapper, printers, coders, metal detectors, scale, hoists and forklifts. Responsible for the operation when Bag Operator is absent from area.
-Assist operator in completing required quality and food safety checks to ensure production and product standards are maintained.
-Complete required documentation for production and quality purposes.
-Ability to dump bags weighing up to 50 pounds into feed tote or back into system.
-Provide lab with proper samples to ensure product and quality standards are maintained.
-Assist operator in troubleshoot bagging, palletizing, computer, printer and stretch wrapper issues.
-Assist operator to organize and coordinate production runs with orders.
-Warehouse product using a forklift and bar coding system.
-Monitor and fill partials to aid in inventory control and help ensure first in and first out shipment.
-Be a team leader and communicate with co-workers.
-Ability to understand and follow all safety, Good Manufacturing Practices, and quality policies and procedures.
-Clean equipment and work area according to standard procedures.

Qualifications include:
-High School Diploma or Equivalent.
-Good communication and documentation skills.
-Organization skills.
-Forklift experience is desired.
-Basic Computer knowledge

Physical Demands:
-Physical activities include walking, kneeling, bending, twisting, climbing, squatting, pushing and pulling.
-Be able to frequently lift up to 50 pounds and rarely lift up to 100 lbs with assistance.
-Must climb stairs to check magnets and machine operation.
-Must be able to work in a variety of changing climates and be able to tolerate grain dust.

Come join the Grain Millers team and be part of a growing company. Send your resume to or 605 Grain Millers Dr, St. Ansgar, IA 50472

Flakeline Operator

St. Ansgar, Iowa - posted Monday, July 20, 2015

Come join the Grain Millers team and be part of a growing company. This position is responsible for the operation of 5 floors of equipment taking raw grain and using a rolling system to make flakes out of oats, wheat, rye, barley and triticale. Mechanical aptitude and ability to troubleshoot problems is desired for this position.

Qualifications include:
-High School Diploma or Equivalent
-Basic computer knowledge
-Mechanical aptitude
-Problem solving skills

Physical Demands Include:
-Ability to climb 5 flights of stairs
-Ability lift up to 50 pounds occasionally
-Ability to work with grain and grain dust

Grain Millers is an Equal Opportunity Employer, we part of Home Base Iowa and National Career Readiness Certificates. Send your resume to or 605 Grain Millers Drive St. Ansgar, IA 50472. You can also apply in person at the above address.

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